It was probably over 10 years ago that Robotic vacuums started being super cool or super dumb. I’m not sure which. Either way, they got popular and I’ve been too poor to buy one until now. Last night started my adventure in following it around and seeing how a robot does the job I do in less time, without electricity, and better. On the other hand, it still does it way better than my girlfriend who I’m pretty sure has never vacuumed since I moved in. It doesn’t help that when it beeps she yells for me to go check on the baby. Way to perpetuate gender stereotypes, claiming robots are men’s work.

I’m getting attached. We’ve named it Derpy and it always makes a B-line for the bedroom when it leaves the dock. That’s something I admire in a robot. You still have to double check its work with a broom and get the spots it missed or are too bad for a tiny, novelty robot. Just like a real child trying to do chores in a half-assed manner only less likely to revolt and overthrow mankind.

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