Why is there a tacolord.com?

History changes when you look back on it. It often depends on who’s trying to exploit the explanation. Let’s just say I have a big enough ego to regularly update a website named after myself over 10 years ago.

Who am I?

I’m professionally awesome. When businesses wonder how they can be more awesome, they consult with me. One time, I worked with an entire nation. Maybe you heard of it, they went by the name of Atlantis. They don’t return your calls anymore because they’re that awesome. If you really want to find the lost city, you got to get with it, because we don’t want a bunch of yuppies coming in and making everything really expensive. Yuppies are not with it. You know who else isn’t with it, George Lucas. That’s why Indian Jones had to find Atlantis in a video game, instead of in a movie.

Dr. Jones gets it. So much that I don’t even have to put “it” in italics.

I also hunt zombies on the side. So if you need a professional zombie hunter, I’m your guy.

Other Stuff

I have a BA in psychology and philosophy. I’ve won awards at various points in my life. Some of them are pretty badass. I was raised by ninja as a child. Imaginary ninja.

I was a social worker for awhile. This had a huge impact on my life. I’ve done other stuff, often for money.

I also like pancakes.

Ahh, my carefree days as a hobo.
Oh yea, my real name is Richard Meyer or R. J. Meyer.